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Learn, Live, Love — a LEAPNOW story

Every person has the ability to help unite the world by the simple act of volunteering.

What is it like to volunteer?

This was post on the LEAPNOW website from a woman who spent her Spring 2007 LEAPYEAR semester delivering babies with a midwife on the island of Bali, in Indonesia.

“I don’t have much time to express
all i have to say is i watched a life enter the world
i can’t find the perfect word to describe it
beautiful, intense, love
i don’t know
i do know that life is so amazing, so incredible…again i can’t find
a word to describe it
i trust that you are all doing this but…….. learn, live, love”

Read more volunteer stories on LEAPNOW. Find out how you can get a scholarship to help with program fees on the AUA Website.


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