America's Unofficial Ambassadors

We work at the grassroots level throughout the Muslim World to counter violent extremism before it takes hold, to promote tolerance and understanding, and to foster better relations with the United States.

Spotlight on Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity has practically become a household name in the United States over the past few decades.  High profile politicians and celebrities have endorsed the organization for their efforts in rebuilding homes all over the world.  In the wake of recent disasters, the organization has worked tireless to recreate communities and restore lives.  This familiar organization also works all over the world and has a number of programs in Muslim majority countries.

Habitat for Humanity operating in Tajikistan.

The Global Village program is geared towards those interested in short term opportunities.  They have four upcoming projects in Indonesia.  Not only do these projects allow for volunteers to make a considerable difference in the local communities, but the cultural immersion aspect allows for meaningful exchange.  Volunteers can learn about customs and beliefs firsthand.  There is no better way to break down the misconceptions that each respective culture holds about the other than by living side by side and doing construction in communities.

The well organized programs feature cultural activity days, where volunteers travel in the local towns and get educated about what life is like through unique experiences.  You can see how people eat, live, even use websites like Facebook.  Putting faces and personalities to perceptions of life in Muslim majority nations is just one step to improving relations and showing Americans and Muslims that we’re not so different from one another.  At the program’s end, there is an appreciation dinner where volunteers can see how the locals have come to enjoy their guests and how thankful they are for the work that has been done.

It is truly an invaluable experience and we encourage everyone, college students, families, adults and retirees, to apply for this program and for AUA’s Mosiac Scholarship to finance this wonderful chance to change the world around you, while also learning yourself.


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