America's Unofficial Ambassadors

We work at the grassroots level throughout the Muslim World to counter violent extremism before it takes hold, to promote tolerance and understanding, and to foster better relations with the United States.

UPDATE: Eric the Ultra Marathon Runner is Ready to Go!

Beginning this Thursday, June 23rd, Eric will begin the longest race of his life. As you may have read about in our previous post and interview, Eric will be running in Morocco for a grueling 54 miles (80 km) through mountainous terrain and the summer’s heat. We here at AUA will be rooting for Eric and cannot wait to hear about his success! Eric wrote to us about his latest preparations:

“I am now back in Rabat and preparing myself mentally and physically for the challenge that lies ahead.  This is the first time that I have run a race of this distance and so I just have to stay focused and put one foot in front of the other.  I am running this race with my friend Jay Bessey, a major in the US army… We are both a looking forward to this experience and do not know what to expect other than a real challenge.”

“I have a lot of strength knowing that I am doing this for personal reasons as well as a purpose greater than myself by supporting America’s Unofficial Ambassadors.   I am very excited about this race and all the support from friends and family that will no doubt be in my mind as I make my way from the start to the finish.”

It’s not too late to show Eric your support by visiting his page and making a donation! He has reached 72% of his fund raising goal and your donation could be the final push he needs to make it.  If you would like to contribute to America’s Unofficial Ambassadors in other ways, please visit our Support Us page.
Good luck Eric!

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