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They’re So Different

Today’s post is a special message from Bill Kruvant, President, Creative Learning

Many people have expressed the view that Muslim-Americans are basically unlike other Americans, that somehow their religion and culture are so distinct that they have fundamentally different views and values from “us.”  Some go even farther and believe that Muslims will never adopt majority American values and are and will remain alienated from America.

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, most of us are prepared to change our views when those views are clearly different from the facts. 

Well, thanks to the Gallup organization, the facts are now in.  Their just-released report, Muslim Americans; Faith, Freedom, and the Future, explodes this myth.  Muslims, it turns out, are amazingly similar to Protestants and Catholics who make up the overwhelming majority  of Americans.

A sample of Gallup’s findings:

  • 64% of Muslims attend religious services regularly, as do 65% of Protestants and 61% of Catholics.
  • 92% of Muslims are tolerant of other faiths, as are 87% of Protestants and 89% of Catholics.
  • On a scale which measures people’s perceptions of the quality of their lives, Muslims score 7.0, Protestants score 7.1, and Catholics score 7.0.
  • Muslims have great faith in our election system: 57% hold this view, as do 44% of Protestants and 46% of Catholics.
  • Muslim see a 2-state solution as the key to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (81%), as do 69% of Protestants and 83% of Catholics
  • Muslims reject terrorist violence even more than others.  89% of Muslims, 71% of Protestants and 71% of Catholics say it is never justified for individuals or groups to kill civilians.
  • Finally, 93% of Muslims profess loyalty to the United States.

So, the next time someone expresses the view that Muslim-Americans are “different from us” perhaps the best rejoinder—after recommending that the person read the Gallup report—would be the “Muslim-Americans ‘R’ us.”


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  1. Great post, thank you! We’ve shared it with our FB feed.

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