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Storytelling & Web Design: AUA Webinar Is Up!

On August 10th, 2012, Sarah Hassaine led a second AUA Network webinar titled “Social Media, Storytelling & Web Design: Tying it All Together.”  Her webinar focused on the important factors of designing your organizations site and linking it to various social media sites. Key tips to keep in mind is the mood of your  organization’s message, exploring different fonts and typography and most importantly to knowing your audience.

How do you make sure your site is user friendly and attractive?  Sarah advises to always remember the five main take-aways:

1. Start with your goals and audiences

2. Pick one or two goals

3. Focus on interesting and effective use

4. Empower your audiences

5. Storytelling is intergral to human culture

For more useful facts and tips on how to utilize social media for your organization, check out the recording of both her webinars under the “Advocacy and Outreach” tab on our resource page.


One comment on “Storytelling & Web Design: AUA Webinar Is Up!

  1. webdesign
    April 17, 2013

    Brilliant article… totally loved it

    Thank you, for this.. Very informative and nice blog.

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