America's Unofficial Ambassadors

We work at the grassroots level throughout the Muslim World to counter violent extremism before it takes hold, to promote tolerance and understanding, and to foster better relations with the United States.

AUA Summer Program Webinar Volunteer in Morocco, Zanzibar & Indonesia – Summer 2013

Volunteer with America’s Unofficial Ambassadors 2013 summer service programs!


Unofficial Ambassadors will build better relations between America and the Muslim World by volunteering full-time with a school or grassroots organization in Morocco, Zanzibar or Indonesia over 5 -12 weeks. In the process, volunteers will gain hands-on professional experience, learn local languages, and can earn academic credit from their university.


In a special webinar on November 16, 2012, America’s Unofficial Ambassadors will offer an informational session with AUA Director Ben Orbach on these upcoming summer programs.


There is limited space available for this AUA event. Please RSVP to to receive instructions on how to access the webinar, which will be held from 2-2:30 pm EST.


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