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We work at the grassroots level throughout the Muslim World to counter violent extremism before it takes hold, to promote tolerance and understanding, and to foster better relations with the United States.

“Journey Into America”

Ambassador Akhbar Ahmed, AUA Advisory Board member and the current Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic studies at American University, teamed up with documentary filmmaker Craig Considine recently to produce a new documentary about Muslims in America. “Journey into America” follows Ahmed and Considine across the country interviewing Muslims and non-Muslims alike over the course of more than a year.

Considine talks about the film in this article on the Huffington Post.

If there is one person in the world today that could ease the conflict between America and the Muslim world, it is Ambassador Akbar Ahmed, the former high commissioner of Pakistan to the U.K. and current Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic studies at American University.  On Nov. 28, he was invited to screen his documentary, “Journey into America,” at the U.S. Embassy in London, in which he was introduced as “one of the greatest scholars of Islam in the world today” by Minister Barbara Stephenson, the former U.S. Ambassador to Panama.  In attendance was the who’s who of Britain’s Muslim community, among them Lord Gulam Noon, a British businessman from Mumbai, and Imam Qasim Rashid Ahmad, who had founded IQRA television, one of the U.K.’s leading television stations for Muslims.

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