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Tomorrow’s Youth Organization

The following post is from a former intern at Tomorrow’s Youth Organization (TYO) in Nablus, Palestine. In the Summer of 2012, Jay Saper taught Music and Drama for underprivileged youth, IT for their mother’s in The Women’s Group, Community English, and Professional Competency at the local university. Five months after his summer in Nablus, Jay reflects on his internship with TYO. To find an amazing volunteer opportunity, search the AUA Directory of Recommended Organizations© today.

What was your favorite moment/story from your time with TYO? 

Music and Drama was always a class filled with energy and imagination. When the youth combined these two elements, they produced phenomenal art. Whether it was developing songs with complex layers from found instruments or creating puppets and props to perform original plays, the youth of Nablus demonstrated they possess a powerful voice to the world through creative forms of expression.

What do you miss most about TYO or Nablus?

The Women’s Group was comprised of meticulous students. It was incredible for a wide range of women to form a community and support one other as they engaged with the course material. They truly made me feel welcome as part of the community as well, which always made me excited to enter class with a smile.



What have you been up to after leaving Nablus and what are your plans for the future?

I am currently finishing up my last year at Middlebury College in Vermont, where I study Sociology and Education. I am extremely excited to begin as an elementary school educator in Philadelphia next fall. There, I will also be continuing my studies at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. I look forward to continuing to support the potential of youth to be positive agents of change for a better world.

How do you think TYO affected you personally and professionally?

The Center Director, Internship Coordinator and Women’s Empowerment Programs Coordinator were thoughtful leaders whose tremendous concern for the community of Nablus translated into a passionate professional environment where I felt supported and always capable of improving. On a personal level, I also grew tremendously from making friends with the amazing volunteers at TYO. I appreciated their stories, humor, and brilliant ways of engaging students. My experience at TYO contributed to me becoming both a better teacher and a better, more compassionate human.


Do you have any advice for anyone considering applying for a TYO internship?

TYO cares deeply for the hearts of those with whom it works. Everything is embedded within the community and constantly adapting to better fit community needs. It is inspiring to see an organization work with such tremendous dedication. Of course, the people of Nablus deserve nothing less! If you believe you can work with your whole heart and whole lot of humility, while being eager to learn, grow, be challenged, and eat way too much of the best kanafeh in the world, TYO is perfect for you.


TYO is currently recruiting International Interns for their Spring IISummer I and Summer II sessions here in Nablus! The application deadline for Spring II is March 15, 2013, for Summer I is April 1, 2013 and for Summer II is April 25, 2013.

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