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Storytelling with Video and Ryan Kushner

By Mary Kazarian
AUA Communications and Social Media Intern

During the month of May, the AUA Network will be holding a series of skill-building webinars with leading practitioners who will share their expertise and insights on teaching English as a second language and storytelling as a volunteer! In this storytelling is included tips on writing blogs and effective video and interview sessions.

This past week Ryan Kushner, who has worked in media production for the past decade and runs the San-Francisco based creative services firm Intelligent Design, led the webinar for effective storytelling through the video medium. He was able to give keen pointers and explained that just as a story has a basic beginning, middle, and end structure, so does a video. The video should also have an “angle” or a “story hook” such as setting up an expectation at the beginning and maybe it knocking down at the end. Videography also includes a lot of editing, so a good piece of advice would be to use as much film as possible and take as many pictures, because as the old adage goes, “it is better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it.” Some other technical tips include having a framing and focal point and following the “rule of thirds”, especially during interview sessions, as well as good audio quality.

During interview sessions, a relaxed and humorous attitude should be employed to keep the interviewee comfortable. The interviewer should also be aware of where the interviewee is looking, a consistent gaze should be at either the camera lens or at the interviewer’s eyes. For some more tips check out Vimeo’s Video School and for good examples of video interviewing and film, check out AUA’s YouTube page or Intelligent Design’s website. The whole webinar session on conducting effective interviews and video can be viewed here. Stay in touch with the AUA Network for more skill-building webinars this May!


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