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School-2-School Program: Lancaster Country Day School (PA) and The Carter Academy (Bangladesh)

By: Virginia Cady

AUA Communications and Social Media Intern

Technology really does make the world smaller. High school students from Lancaster Country Day School (LCDS) located in Lancaster, PA and students from The Carter Academy, located in Bangladesh, have enjoyed connecting with each other through video messages. Students from both schools have made videos answering questions about their lifestyles as well as what they know about each other’s countries.

Students from LCDS were asked to reflect on how their views about Islam and Bangladesh had changed since they studied Islam in school. Many students noted that before they learned about it in school, they thought that Islam was a “strange” religion, very different from anything that they had experienced. However after they learned more about it, the students found that Islam is similar to Christianity and Judaism. Students mentioned how all three religions believe in the same God and place an emphasis on living a certain kind of lifestyle. Almost all of the students knew very little about Bangladesh beyond the fact that life there is different from life in America. Students hope that through their dialogue with students at The Carter Academy they will be able to learn more about the culture and people of Bangladesh.

Students from The Carter Academy addressed many of the questions from the students at LCDS, including what their typical day was like as well as questions about their faith. One student explained the significance of Medina, Mecca and Jerusalem to Muslims, while another addressed the Islamic perception towards the biblical figures Jesus and Abraham. Students asked their American colleagues many questions, including what they would be doing over summer vacation and what life is like in America for girls.


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