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A Respectable Teacher

This post was written by Hasan Siddiqui Sohan, another student at The Carter Academy who Sam Schindler taught. This is the original post.

P.M.Z. Hasan Siddique (Sohan) (1)

I am writing about the visit of Mr. Sam Schindler to THE CARTER ACADEMY. He is a respectable teacher of Lancaster Country day School. At first we were connected with Mr. Sam and his students by Skype. And the date of meeting was 18th April,2013.At first they sent some excellent videos of their students. Those videos were very interesting and amazing. There was also some educative matters in their videos. And we also sent some videos of ourselves. They gave a good response to our videos. In this way our communication with them was running. Our vice-principal Mr. Iqbal informed us that Mr. Sam is coming to TCA with our honorable GMS sir the founder of NMCI group. We became very excited after hearing the news. I started to dream to celebrate the precious day of my life with great personality Mr. Sam. Later the cherished day came. On 25th July,2013 Mr. Sam came to our academy. That day was a special day for our academy also. Because we were celebrating the prize giving ceremony of our elder brother for their outstanding performance in SSC exam. He was regarded as the special guest in the programme. He gave a valuable speech to our elder brother. Then in the next day Mr. Sam came to class x with Mr. Iqbal. In his first class he taught us phrase & idioms. But two idioms were special. They were “Don’t shoot the messenger” & “Buy some time”. He also taught us a story & a poem. The name of the poem is “This is just to say” written by “William Carlos Williams”. Mr. sam was not just a teacher. He was the identity of his nation and his school. His teaching style informed us about the teaching system of USA teaching society. I think our teacher has learnt many new things from his teaching style. One day I said to him that if in every school of Bangladesh there is one Mr. Sam than every child will become a great man in his life. Because his teaching style will make a great positive effect in his educational & personal life. For his teaching our English spoken efficiency has enriched. Our Mr. Iqbal plays a vital role for bringing us in connection of S 2 S creative learning program. Without the endless endeavor of Mr. Iqbal we cannot learn these valuable things from Mr. Sam. Mr. Sam has left such a special thing in this academy which make him memorable person to every member of TCA.I think our Mr. Iqbal has passed the best time of his teaching profession with great personality Mr. Sam. The trip of Mr. Sam has changed the whole mentality and circumstance of TCA. His trip was a gift for our academy. For his good job, we the members of TCA along with GMS sir is very grateful to him. But this is a real truth TCA will never forget Mr. Sam Schindler & his school authority.

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This entry was posted on July 28, 2013 by in school to school.
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