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A Teacher Through a Student’s Eyes

This post was written by Naimul Islam Emon, a student at The Carter Academy who Sam Schindler of LCDS taught. This is the original post.

Naimul Islam Emon, Class-X

Our life is nothing but the sum total of some moments. The span of human life is too short .So, in human life each and every moment is precious. It is not possible for everybody to spend some moment with a great person or doesn’t get the opportunity to spend some moments. These precious moments are utilized when we come in contact with a great person. Mr. Sam Schindler is a great personality to us and we the Carter boys got the opportunity to buy some time with him.

It was a calm cloudy morning of 25th June in Bangladesh when we were supposed to meet with the American angel namely Mr. Sam Schindler along with another Bengali angel namely “ Ghulam M. Suhrawardy” who is the founder of T.C.A .
The date they came was of prize giving ceremony to the students who show their excellence in public examination (S.S.C) and to the teachers who worked hard with what they had to make such a good result. Mr. Sam Schindler also delivered there an enlightening speech.

It was a warm night of 18th April when our 1st terminal examination was going on. One that night our vice principal sir Mr. Iqbal Hossain suddenly called all the boys of class Ten and enounced that we had a face to face live conference with an American school namely “Lancaster Country Day School” situated in Pennsylvania state of America. This conference was a part of school to school creative learning program and it was the idleness effort of another Bengali angel namely, Sir “Md. Iqbal Hossain” and our American angel Mr. Sam Schindler’s united trying. We were ordered to be present in the computer lab. At BDT 6 o’clock as the conference w3ould held there. We all was so much excited and interested regarding this conference. We went to the computer lab. For the conference but-either for the bad network or for our bad luck we couldn’t get the internet connection. We were so much disappointed as we could not do the conference. We kept on trying to be connected but we failed.

Then a mutual decision was decided from the both poles and that was of sharing educative video clips which would contain educative data .We kept on sending video and the L.C.D.S students also replied many nice funny videos. We came to know one another’s country, daily life, religion, games ,school campus etc.

From those video clips we came to know about Mr. Sam Schindler under whose guidance all these functions of school to school creative learning program succeeded. We wanted to see Mr. Sam Schindler in reality but we did not express it .It was hidden in our heart.
But he could read our minds. After some days we heard that he is coming to Bangladesh to visit us-the T.C.A boys. After all imagination he came to T.C.A on 25th June the cherished person of Carter boys. In video clips we saw a Sam Schindler and in reality we saw another Sam Schindler! We thought Mr. Sam would be like anger, rude and a heavy hearted man but our all attempts went to vein.

He is a simple man with medium height with golden hairs. He has a pair of deep nice eyes. His behavior and attitude was charming. In his nature we could find an excellent composition of modesty and honesty. His soft friendly voice ceases one’s attention. He created a personality of his own majesty.
How much he is complete in nature, he is better than that as a teacher.
He owns all the qualities that a good teacher should own. He with his deep knowledge extracts many important learning from a simple topic even it may be a short story or may be a little poem.

In his class he took the attention of the students towards him and solves a problem in the class not by himself, by the students, giving them some hints. He gives his attention to all the students. From his classes we learnt a lot. Everything we learnt is too large. We can state some of them as example. Such as-from the story “The Boy who cried out” we learnt about the destruction due to falsehood and destruction due to misuse of power whose application we can see around us. Again, by a poem of William Carlos Williams namely “This is Just to Say” described about a kind of cunning people etc. etc…………………
He also taught us some idioms which the Americans use in their daily life. As for example: Don’t shot the messenger which means not to behave rough with the person who gives you bad news.
How nice!!!

We also came to know about the glorious history of America, about their sweet independence from him. From him we also came to know that the American students use the latest technology in their daily study .For which they are the most advanced students in the world. Whatever Mr. Sam taught to us not belong to our text book but they were required for our soul.

He went out for his native land on 5th July. It was a heart breaking event for us. Our 38years old friend was going but we had nothing to do to stop him. Our heart filled with joy when he came, it emptied when went away.
But the love we’ve kept for Mr. Sam, for the authority of L.C.D.S, students and our friends of L.C.D.S in our heart will never be lessened a bit.

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