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New Internship Placement: FAWE Zanzibar

By Alexandra Johnson, Outreach Intern 2013

The AUA Summer Service Internship team has a new partner in Zanzibar for Summer 2014!  This year interns will be offered the opportunity to work with FAWE, the Forum for African Women Educationalists.  This pan-African organization works to empower women through education.  By partnering with local communities, schools, organizations, and ministries, FAWE strives to help women achieve gender equality, overcoming material deprivation and social and political exclusion.

FAWE has created a Center of Excellence model in which ordinary schools are converted into gender-responsive educational centers which cater to the physical, academic and social dimensions of both girls’ and boys’ education.  One of FAWE’s COE locations is in Zanzibar.

In addition to this initiative, FAWE focuses on policy advocacy, as well as local and global advocacy; such efforts aim to build awareness of the social and economic advantages which can be derived from educating girls.  FAWE’s advocacy takes the form of sensitizing communities to the need for educating women, forging strategic partnerships with education stakeholders, and working to integrate the issue of gender into national education policies and plans. 

Photo courtesy of FAWE 

In order to successfully provide the resources and programs necessary to the community, FAWE Zanzibar relies on intern volunteers like you.  Whether a college student, former teacher, or corporate professional, FAWE welcomes interns from all walks of life with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences. 

Program placements with FAWE most likely will include:

Program Development: interns assist in development and design of programs to achieve maximum results.

Research/Advocacy and Policy Review: interns work in the Policy and Advocacy Department identifying relevant policies for review, designing creative advocacy campaigns, and conducting further research on FAWE’s critical issues.

Fundraising/Marketing: interns help look for funding, sponsorship and partnership opportunities.  FAWE is looking for a motivated volunteer who can help the Zanzibar Center diversify its funding base and establish income generation to support FAWE’s continued self-sustainability.


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