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Pink Pangea: A Special Travel Writing Workshop

By Joelle Peikes, Communications and Outreach Intern

pinkpangea-logoTravel books and online resources often gloss over the needs of women travelers; whether it’s information about staying safe, adapting to cultural practices or what to bring when on the road. But Pink Pangea is working to change all that.

Pink Pangea is an online magazine and forum founded by two women passionate about writing and travel, who took notice of the limited resources out there specifically for female travelers. Their goal has been to create an online community for women who travel or who want to travel, with honest support, advice, and insight from other women. Visitors to Pink Pangea’s website can search by destination, topic, or nature of travel (study abroad, volunteer, vacation, etc.) to find information written by fellow women travelers who have been there and done that before. You can also share your own travel stories to be a resource for others. The site is a fantastic and unique resource, one that some of our Unofficial Ambassadors have contributed to during their service abroad.

Which is why on Thursday, 3/6  at 12 pm EST, AUA will be hosting a special Google Hangout led by Pink Pangea Editor Rachel Sales. We’ll read compelling pieces by prolific travel writers and learn how to make our own experiences come to life on paper.  We’ll also discuss how to relay our insights while maintaining cultural sensitivities; how to use voice and tone to effectively convey experiences; and how to exercise objectivity and subjectivity with finesse. Here are samples of some of the writings we’ll be reviewing.

So whether you’re a soon-to-be volunteer, a fellow traveler or just wanting to learn more about what makes a good travel piece, please join us for the session.

There is a limited number of spots available for this web session, so RSVP to stefanc(at) today! But if you miss out on joining, we’ll also webcast it on online for all to see.

AUA is proud to have had Unofficial Ambassadors featured on Pink Pangea. You can read contributions from our AUA alums Emma and Katerina below!



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