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Volunteering and your Career Goals

By Joelle Peikes, Communications and Outreach Intern

Today’s webinar with Dr. Tahir Shad of Washington College will be postponed until next Friday, February 28 at 12pm EST. But in the meantime we’ll share some insight on how volunteering can make you a better job candidate! Recent research shows that volunteering isn’t just a generous way to contribute one’s time, but it can also significantly improve your credentials when looking for a job. For college students, volunteering may have been a necessary commitment in high school or a way to boost their college applications. However, according to, volunteering in college can boost your resume by giving you practical experience and showing that you’re a team player. It can also help you build your network by working with and meeting people in a field that is of interest to you. Volunteering can also help you improve personal or professional skills whether your goal is to become more outgoing or confident, or to improve your knowledge of certain computer programs.

Additionally, a 2011 New York Times article emphasized how volunteering can even benefit experienced professionals seeking to acquire a new skill set or a great recommendation. Non-profits and charity organizations always need volunteers for various tasks and can benefit from your unique skills and experience. In turn, you get some great hands-on experience along the way and broaden your network, which can only help to advance your career. Furthermore, according to federal research, those who volunteer are up to 27% more likely to find employment than those who do not. These findings suggest that volunteering can significantly benefit unemployed individuals, people just entering the job market, or those who lack skills or connections, in their job search and professional development.

Finally, found that volunteerism is highly valued by hiring managers. According to their 2012 survey 65% of nonprofit sector hiring managers reported that they considered volunteering experience at least “somewhat important” and in 2013 76% of respondents said that they valued any type of nonprofit experience. Also, according to LinkedIn, 20% of employers report actively searching for applicants with volunteer experience and 41% say that they value volunteerism as much as paid work.

We hope you’ll join us next Friday for more on this topic with Dr. Tahir Shad. Don’t forget to RSVP to stefanc(at) for instructions on how to log on!


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