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Morocco Service Placement Highlight: Azrou Center for Community Development

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By Joelle Peikes, Communications and Outreach Intern

This summer the Azrou Center for Community Development is seeking four unofficial ambassadors to teach English to students and staff at the center as well as coordinate creative writing groups and prepare a performance exhibition for the end of the term. There will also be the opportunity to produce a documentary about the center and its work.

Founded in 2000, the Azrou Center is a social service initiative affiliated with Al-Akhawayn University that operates a host of education and job-training courses for students and young people from primary school to the post-high school level. The center’s programs include computer literacy, business and management training, hairdressing and cosmetology courses, weaving and trade skills training, basic literacy tutoring and other education courses designed to help students who have left school continue their studies. In addition, the center operates a number of health initiatives, including ophthalmology and breast cancer screenings.

The Azrou Center is a tight-knit community where families and friends gather to learn and grow. Last summer two unofficial ambassadors conducted English classes at the center at three different levels and organized a showcase for the final day featuring musical, theatrical, and poetic performances by the students.  Many of the students families and staff were in attendance. Parents and siblings even jumped in to help the program run smoothly or contribute by taking photos and video. Volunteers at this placement can truly expect a community experience, one which will become a second home filled with family you won’t want to leave.

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