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S2S: Andi Webb and Alderman Elementary Partner with Sukma Bangsa School in Indonesia for 2014

school2schoolAUA sends out  a special thanks to Andi Webb and the Sukma Bangsa School in Aceh, Indonesia for their support of the School-2-School program in 2014!

Andi Webb is an award winning K-5 instructor who, in 2012, was named Alderman’s Teacher of the Year, as well as North Carolina’s Elementary Social Studies Teacher of the Year. According to Ms. Webb it is Alderman’s goal to integrate more global and cultural studies by having each grade level focus on a particular continent in their yearly studies. She hopes that School-2-School will give teachers the opportunity to teach their students about the cultures and lives of real people, not just those depicted in books.

Ms. Webb is working closely with Victor Yasadhana, Director of the Sukma Bangsa school, to coordinate lessons and projects for their students, including joint lessons to be held over Skype.

AUA expects this to be an exciting year for S2S and the Alderman and Sukma Bangsa schools! Again thanks to Ms. Webb, Alderman Elementary and Sukma Bangsa for your involvement and support!

Read the full report here.


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