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Precious times in Indonesia.

Suraiya Jinah has concluded her volunteer service at Dian Interfidei in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and hopes to continue her service work at her campus community in McGill University, Montreal, Québec.  Here are the photos Suraiya has compiled of her time spent at the interfaith organization. 

This group photo was taken after the first English class that Winona and I taught at Dian Interfidei. The class went smoothly and the employees were really happy that we included some fun games to end things off!

Dian Interfidei staff photo.  I am the one in the center.

Dian Interfidei staff photo. I am the one in the center.

My first panel discussion.

My first panel discussion.

There were a variety of Americans and Indonesians that attended my presentation on Religion and Human Rights .  It was the first community presentation I had ever given so I was really nervous at first, but I’m happy that I was able to get my point across. At the end of it, the audience members were allowed to ask questions. They asked some difficult and thought provoking questions that started some wonderful debates.

The Hindu temple in the background is called Prambanan. We went to visit it on one of our weekend excursions. At the temple, we were swarmed my students who either wanted to take pictures or who wanted to practice their English with us. They asked us questions in very basic English, then took us to see their teacher as proof that they had spoken to us.

At the Prambanan Hindu Temple.

At the Prambanan Hindu Temple.

A few weeks into the internship at Interfidei, Winona and I were invited to attend their neighbor’s wedding. It was a beautiful traditional style Javanese wedding!

Group photo with the newly weds.

Group photo with the newly weds.

The hardest challenge that I’ve had to come across while I’ve been here was when I got sick and my recovery period was extremely slow. I’m happy that I’m finally feeling better and I’m motivated to complete the rest of the internship!


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