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A Blending of Two Worlds.

Shana Brouder is excited to show the work she has completed as the Communications Intern at the Bactria Cultural Center in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.  Shana shares a variety of photos showcasing the biggest event at Bactria, World Music Day, held at the Serena Hotel.

Through this internship, I have been so lucky to work with such an amazing organization. One of our biggest events before Ramadan is World Music Day – a day dedicated to the bringing together of both modern and traditional music and other art forms. The event started at 3 pm with a Handicraft fair, then continued into a fashion show and ended with performances from one traditional group and four single artists representing the wide variety in music taste here. As an intern, I was able to play a vital role in the planning and execution of this amazing event! Here are some photos to document my experience:

Shana nametag

Before the press conference which I attended. My name tag is to the left.

As a part of the communication for World Music Day, myself along with Kirill, the project manager, took part in a press conference. Various news, radio, and TV stations came down to ask us questions about the event. This is a picture of my name card alongside Kirill’s. What’s cool is that since the lingua franca here is Russia, they translated my name into Russian for the press conference! – Shana Brouder = Шана Брудер

World Music Day performers

Paddia Dance Group preforming a tradition Tajik dance!

Part of my job in helping plan World Music Day was learning about our performers. This picture is of the Padida Dance Theater group. They preformed a traditional Tajik dance and easily stole the show with their beautiful outfits and incredible dance moves!

Kirill project manager and supervisor at Bactria

From left to right: Timothee, Rusam, and Kirill (my supervisor at Bactria).

Here is a picture of the people in charge of this event form Bactria. On the left is Timothee, the director of Bactria Cultural Centre. On the right is Kirill, the project manager and my supervisor at Bactria. And finally in the middle is Rusam, the assistant project manager who will be taking over as project manager on July 1st when Kirill’s assignment is up. These three have taught me so much during my stay at Bactria not only about Tajikistan, but also about how these types of organizations function and what is needed to keep them successful.

Shana taking pics

Taking as many photos as apart of my duties as a communications intern.


My job on World Music Day was to take photographs of all of the performances so we could send them to our partners and donors as thank yous. I was also able to wear one of the traditional outfits on this day, which definitely kept me cool and in style.

Serena Hotel

Serena Hotel, the venue for World Music Day.

This is a picture of the Serena Hotel, the venue for World Music Day. We came many days to check the space and start making plans for the overall layout for the event. Finally, on the day of the event, we arrived at 11 am to start setting up in about 90 degree (F) heat. It was certainly an experience, but definitely worth it!

Communications event

The poster that I designed which was quite exciting!

One of my main tasks as an intern at Bactria is to handle the communication for our upcoming events. For World Music Day, since it is our biggest event in the summer, I was in charge of designing and translating various forms of communication. This is a picture the poster I designed that was blow up to a massive size and served as information for the patrons of the event. I was especially proud of this assignment because both the design program and the computer itself were all in Russian!

And finally, to keep you up to date on what I’m doing with the rest of my internship, I was lucky enough to be able to propose my own event at Bactria, which was accepted! So I will be hosting a Fourth of July Event at Bactria in order to help teach the people a bit more about American culture through songs, crafts, informational panels, and (of course) food! This is a photo of a map I hand drew of the United States then outlined to show the different regions. This map, along with various other things, will be placed on the informational panels to help teach the people in attendance more about America. I had to free-hand the map so I apologize is your home state is a bit distorted! Trying to draw a large-scale map of the US is not as easy as one may think!


A hand-free drawn map on my approved project!



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