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Fête in Morocco and Teaching French.

Teaching French to children in Tarmilaat, Morocco is an exciting opportunity that Andradene, alongside Phoebe, fill with fun activities and interactive games.  Andradene is excited to share the trip the volunteers took to Fes, photos she included of her classroom and a video showing a graduation ceremony at the Al-Akhawayn University.

Though the room is crowded due to the size of the school the children are full of energy and are never bored.

This weekend the adventure was in Fes. Fes is one if the largest city here in Morocco.  It is known for old Medinas and home to one of the oldest and first university. The university was built by the prophet Mohammed’s daughter, Fatima. We left Ifrane to Fes early Saturday morning for our first cooking class at caféCLOCK. There the six interns would prepare a Moroccan style meal. But first we had to go get the ingredients at the marché or souq. On the Menu: savory chicken, salad,  and macaroons. First we went to select or chicken from the butcher, the bread from the baker, and the  vegetables. We got all our ingredients and headed back to our restaurant to start our meal. With all the seasons we started to make a marinade for the chicken; cilantro, ginger, cumin, turmeric,  garlic, onions, and, oil. Then, we moved to the macaroons; coconut,  lemon zest, sugar, eggs; flour, oil, baking powder,  and orange blossoms. Finally,  the salad, roasted eggplant,  roasted peppers, lemon juice, chili, and cumin. After we finished our cooking class we were able to devour our handy work! Next stop: tour through the city of Fes. We did a hour tour through the city visited burial grounds, tanneries, and the oldest university. Later that afternoon, we were paired up with our homestay families.  There we took part in the traditional Iftar, breaking of the fast meal during Ramadan.

Changing gears I got to record footage of the exciting celebrations surrounding the Al-Akhawayn University

Traditional dancers and singers came to the campus to congratulate graduates of their accomplishments.  The excitement was without a doubt the most joyous moment that quickly spread like a wild fire throughout the campus. I was welcomed into the festivities regardless of me speaking the Arabic dialect.

First weekend in Ifrane, the Al Akhawayn University's graduation.

First weekend in Ifrane, the Al Akhawayn University’s graduation.

This weekend was one of the best experience here in Morocco.  I do enjoy this cultural and service packed journey.


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