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Fiona Lloyd-Muller Presents at Guilford College

AUA volunteer, Fiona Lloyd-Muller presented about her experience teaching English to high school students at the English-Speaking International Muslim school in Zanzibar. She spoke to her fellow students at Guilford College about her time in Zanzibar and engaged them in discussion.

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On Wednesday, September 24th, at 7pm, I gave my first presentation on my AUA Internship to Zanzibar, Tanzania this past summer. It was held in the Principled Problem Solving room, in King Hall in Guilford College. I advertised for it by making and putting up fliers, putting an ad in the daily college email announcements, sending the fliers to all of my professors and mentors on campus who supported me in some way through the experience, and telling everyone I know to come support and learn!

The presentation itself was a success, although not particularly amazingly attended. The 10 or so people who were there were really interested in what I had to say, and wanted to learn more and discuss abroad experiences. I was able to speak about my experience, Zanzibar, and the way my privilege influenced the way the world views me, and the way I view the world. It was a lot of fun, and I think the next presentation should be great as well!

Fiona's flier she created to advertise her presentation.

Fiona’s flier she created to advertise her presentation.


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