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The Many Benefits of Studying Abroad.

This post was written by Alison Muscato, Communications Intern at AUA.

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The Institute of International Education has created a list with the top 10 reasons to go abroad. Some of the highlights include, learn another language, develop new skills, expand your worldview and make friends across the globe. But if you choose to go abroad through one of AUA’s programs, you will also be able to add something more, making an impact through volunteering, encouraging intercultural dialogue and tolerance, and practicing citizen diplomacy abroad!

Me, I studied abroad twice throughout my time at Penn State. Once in Tanzania and once in South Africa. Each trip was unique and taught me valuable lessons, such as hot showers are overrated and having the electricity go out is a great excuse to not do your homework. More seriously, though, my time abroad encouraged my desire to travel and my interest in international issues. I chose programs that allowed me to be immersed in the new cultures, traditions, and languages and learn and laugh with people who I would have never met in suburban Maryland. I absolutely loved my time abroad and would encourage any undergraduate student or recent graduate to study abroad!

You can learn more about AUA’s programs here, and stay tuned later this fall for news about AUA’s Semester of Service program, a great chance for students to combine study abroad and internship experience with a school or grassroots organization.


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