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We work at the grassroots level throughout the Muslim World to counter violent extremism before it takes hold, to promote tolerance and understanding, and to foster better relations with the United States.

Gain Experience Teaching English as a Second Language

By Alison Muscato

As people and nations form connections all over the world, language barriers become more apparent. In response to increasing globalization, America’s Unofficial Ambassadors sends volunteers to intern at schools and organizations teaching English in the Muslim World.

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AUA offers educators-in-training and individuals interested in teaching the opportunity to teach English as a second language in Indonesia, Morocco, Tajikistan, Turkey (coming soon) or Zanzibar. Though the placements range from schools to grassroots community organizations, the basic requirements for the teaching positions are the same. Applicants must have some experience or training in education, teaching or tutoring. If you feel that you do not meet these qualifications at the time you apply, you can indicate on your application how you plan to gain experience in these areas.

2015 Internship Placement Sites for Teaching English:


  • Mualimaat Girls School: all-girls school with a multilingual program teaching English and Bahasa
  • Mualimin Boys School: all-boys school with a multilingual program teaching English and Bahasa


  • The Al-Akhwayan Azrou Center for Community Development: social service initiative affiliated with Al-Akhawayn University that operates a host of education and job-training courses
  • The Zaouiat Sidi Abdessalam Youth Center: center for youth engagement and education


  • The Bactria Cultural Center: NGO that provides vocational training, language instruction, computer training and a range of cultural programs and workshops
  • Dushanbe Boarding School: state-run boarding school, home to many orphans or children whose families are homeless
  • Tajik State University of Commerce: first state university to establish an all-English curriculum


  • The English-Speaking International School: private school where most classes are taught in English
  • Zanzibari Public Schools: public schools throughout Zanzibar provide English language instruction, math, history and science education to grade school and high school students

Stefan Cornibert, AUA’s program coordinator, shared the best practices for teaching English as a second language in a webinar last spring to help future volunteers prepare for their internships. AUA also hosted a webinar with Kristina Scholz, a skilled ESL teacher both in the US and abroad, where she described her experience teaching and passed along useful tips to volunteers. In addition to reading these helpful guidelines for teaching, you can also learn about volunteers’ experiences on our blog. For example, read about Mariel Shilling’s experience teaching English at the Forodhani Secondary School in Zanzibar or Noureen Shallwani’s time at the Dushanbe Boarding School and the Tajik State University of Commerce in Tajikistan.

To learn more about our programs, follow this link.


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