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Human Rights Day #rights365

By Alison Muscato

On Human Rights Day 2014, AUA reflects on human rights abuses throughout the world and how AUA volunteers have and will continue to fight for equal rights for all people, everywhere.


AUA places volunteers at schools and community organizations where they tackle human rights issues ranging from domestic violence to lack of access to education to disregard for children with autism. Unofficial ambassadors give their time, skills and positive attitudes to their placements in order advance human rights. When the volunteers return home, they share their experiences with their local networks. This spreads awareness not just about human rights issues, but also encourages people that there are organizations fighting for human rights and that individuals can make a difference.

This year’s slogan for Human Rights Day 2014 is, “Human Rights 365,” which encompasses the idea that every day is Human Rights Day. One of our Tajikistan placement sites that fights for human rights every day is the Civil Internet Policy Initiative (CIPI):

CIPI was established in 2003 to promote free and open Internet access in Tajikistan in partnership with government organizations and local stakeholders with support from the Open Society Institute (OSI) and Internews Network. In addition to its Internet freedom programs, CIPI offers computer skills classes in English and organizes the Social Innovation Camp, funded by OSI. Young people from all over Tajikistan who have ideas about how to apply IT to meet critical social needs submit applications to attend the camp.

Need: CIPI is seeking unofficial ambassadors to work in its Dushanbe offices on ongoing internet projects. Internship placements include:

  • A communications intern to write and edit English language website content about CIPI and assist outreach efforts to potential English-speaking partners
  • An unofficial ambassador to research and draft proposals in English for project funding

Preferred Qualifications: Interns with experience or training in writing, research, public communications or proposal development are preferred for these placements. Applicants with experience or a demonstrated interest in computers, the Internet or civil rights, are also desired.

To learn about other opportunities for a 2015 Summer Service Internship, click here.

Apply today!


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