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Bridges to Tajikistan Grant Available – Apply Today

Thank You Bridges to Tajikistan
tajik logo 1America’s Unofficial Ambassadors would like to thank Bridges to Tajikistan for supporting AUA’s mission through its Mosaic Grants.

Bridges to Tajikistan will award a Mosaic grant of up to $875 for one student applying to serve in Tajikistan through the Summer Service Internship program.

Bridges to Tajikistan is a New Mexico-based nonprofit initiative dedicated to creating sustainable international connections between people in Tajikistan and the US to further educational and other opportunities for young Tajiks while making advances in mutual understanding and a sense of our shared humanity and common future. To qualify for this competitive grant, applicants must complete the essay question in the Financial Aid section of the Summer Service Internship program application.

This award from Bridges to Tajikistan will directly support unofficial ambassadors serving with schools and grassroots NGOs in fields like education, youth engagement, human rights and community development. In 2014, unofficial ambassadors taught English at schools in Dushanbe, provided communications assistance to locally-led community initiatives and supported IRODA, a charity dedicated to assisting children with autism and their parents. For more on the summer program in Tajikistan, follow this link.

Applicants must apply for the Summer Service Internship program before March 5, 2015 with a note in their application requesting to be considered for this grant specifically and must submit the remaining program payments by March 15, 2015.

Follow this link to apply for the Summer Service Internship program.


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