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We work at the grassroots level throughout the Muslim World to counter violent extremism before it takes hold, to promote tolerance and understanding, and to foster better relations with the United States.

Build a Hammam, Empower Women: Check Out Our New Placement in Morocco

America’s Unofficial Ambassadors is pleased to feature to a brand new placement in our Summer Service Internship program in Morocco with Empowering Women in the Atlas – The Ecological Hammam Project. This new placement offers unofficial ambassadors with engineering, construction, business or education experience a chance to contribute to an important women’s empowerment initiative in the Atlas Mountains. Details below. And don’t forget, AUA’s program deadline for summer applications is right around the corner on March 5, 2015!

Empowering Women in the Atlas – The Ecological Hammam Project

Overview: Empowering Women in the Atlas (EWA) is a youth-led nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting women’s empowerment and development goals in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Founded in 2011, EWA works with local women on projects aimed at fostering change at the village level. EWA’s first project is the construction of an ecological hammam (public bathhouse) for the village of Adghagh. The bathhouse will improve sanitary and health conditions in a village of more than 1,400 people and promote women’s business leadership.

Needs: EWA is seeking four unofficial ambassadors to work with its engineering team and students from Al-Akhawayn University in the early stages of planning and construction for the bathhouse, as well as to teach English or French to children and young people. Unofficial ambassadors will also take part in organizing cultural activities and leadership training sessions for women.

Preferred Qualifications: Unofficial ambassadors with experience or training in engineering or construction skills are preferred. In addition, applicants with experience or training in tutoring, business skills, or youth leadership may also be eligible. Applicants should be in good physical condition.


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