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School-2-School: Andi Webb Returns to Aceh

Editor’s Note: The School-2-School program has expanded in 2015 to include four partnerships linking schools in the United States with partner schools in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Morocco and the West Bank. The first S2S Teacher to visit a partner school this year is Andi Webb, a 2014 S2S alum, who is returning to the Sukma Bangsa Schools in Aceh, Indonesia to teach and conduct a series of teacher training sessions on topics like ESL education, mentoring and classroom management. This post marks Andi’s departure for Aceh after several months of virtual exchanges between her class at Alderman Road Elementary in Fayetteville, North Carolina and classrooms at Sukma Bangsa. 

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When we Skyped from Alderman Road Elementary with Sukma Bangsa Pidie on Friday, March 27, 2015, I was able to say “See you next Friday!”

It would be so great if we could Skype with students in my own school while I am in Indonesia. (Yet, they are of on break too, of course!)

As I have been packing, I’ve looked back through mementos and thought of the sweet, kind people who gave them to me at the end of last June, early July. It’s hard to believe I’ll be back in Aceh in just a couple days! I am excited, a little nervous, and happy to see my Acehnese family.
My goals are to teach lessons with Sukma Bangsa teachers on classroom management, ways to teach English as a Second Language, differentiation strategies, and much more! I hope to observe their teachers teaching and also teach classes for students. I also hope to deepen my understanding of Acehnese/Indonesian culture and work together with Sukma Bangsa to dispel stereotypes of both our cultures.

My prayer is for safe travels and a wonderful time in my second home!


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