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My Students’ Hard Work and Amazing Creativity!

Neethi Vasudevan is back from her experience teaching English at the Azrou Center for Community Development and sent us this post about the last week of her service in Morocco.

It has been about three weeks since my last day in Morocco and not a day goes by where I don’t think about what a wonderful time I had there. I’ve learnt so much about Morocco, its people and culture; and while I wish I could’ve spent more time there I am grateful for having had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer there.

During my previous blog, I spoke a lot about the End of Program Celebration at the Azrou Center and all the effort and hard work our students put into making the Celebration successful. Although Alessandra and myself were there to help, the students took it upon themselves to work together and come up with various ideas to best display all that they had learnt from us during our six weeks there. In addition to having to prepare a presentation for the Celebration, they also had to study for their final exam, which was on the Friday before the Celebration. Despite being crunched for time, all our students persevered and made sure that they not only did well on their final exams but also put on their presentations without a hitch.

So, in order to show how proud I am of them and to show off their amazing creativity and skills, I have decided to include below some videos of our students performances and presentations. Enjoy!

Our beginners singing Do Re Mi

Our intermediates singing “Forgotten Promises” by Sami Yusuf

Our Advanced students presenting a skit that they wrote themselves: “After that, the Factory went Bankrupt” (Part one)

Part two of the Advanced Skit


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